Subject Learning App

Subject Learning App

Subject Learning Package is available via PORTAL as well as in APP for 6th – 12th Std (BOTH CBSE and STATE BOARD). Using this Learning App, Students can take “N” Number of Practice Tests chapter-wise for each Subject and take infinite number of Mock Tests to self-evaluate themselves. This will give them more confidence to appear for the School Exam as well as for any Competitive Exam. This will also generate many useful Analytic Reports for each Test which will guide them on the area / subject / chapters in which the Students are weak, so that they can concentrate more on those topics to improve their score.

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Assessment by Teacher

Online Assessments will be completed using “Assessment by Teacher” option in the Learning App. Teachers can view the Test Results for each Student and generate the Student Performance Report immediately. This will help the Students to improve the way of learning by understanding the concept instead of memorizing and improve their analytical ability and logical reasoning which will be a great help to survive and win in this competitive world.

Types of Questions

We are providing the following 3 types of Questions which are recommended by CBSE Board for their NEW Question Pattern. We also have MCQ for State Board Syllabus:

1) MCQ – Means Multiple Choice Questions where you need to select one correct answer from the given options. At the end of each Practice / Test, the Correct Answer Option along with the Solution / Explanation for that Answer is also given in our Learning App

2) Case Based Questions – Means you have a Case Study followed by multiple MCQ or Assertion & Reason Questions based on that Case Study

3) Assertion & Reason Questions – Reasoning questions consists of two statements; an Assertion (statement of  fact) and a reason (explanation for the assertion)


These questions may appear to be like Passage-Based questions which are familiar with in the English curriculum, but they are very much different. Case based questions will require you to link the given case with your topic in the respective chapter and then answer based upon your understanding.

Points to Remember
Do NOT find the answers directly in the given passage but think more carefully to derive the answer
Case based questions are either MCQs or Assertion Reason Questions, so for attempting such questions you must follow the rule of elimination
Eliminate the options which you think cannot be the answer to the given question. This increases your chance of being right.

How to prepare?

Preparation of these questions requires you to study NCERT textbooks line by line ensuring that you understand the concept and have proper knowledge of each chapter in your curriculum. Any case-based question that appears in the board exam will always be linked to one or the other topic from the textbook.

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This type of reasoning questions consists of two statements; an assertion (statement of fact) and a reason (explanation for the assertion). You have to determine whether each statement is correct. If both the statements are correct, you have to determine whether the reason supports the assertion. There will be four answer choices for the possible outcomes and you have to select the correct one.

Example/Format of an Assertion & Reason Question

Assertion: A simple statement
Reason: Reason is the explanation for the assertion.

(A). Both, A and R, are true and R is the correct explanation of A
(B). Both, A and R, are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
(C). If A is true but R is false
(D). If A is false but R is true
Assertion is denoted as A in the option in the short form and similarly, reason will be shown as R


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Schools force their students to memorize the content to score high marks instead of teaching the concept and make them understand to compete in this world. Learning App will help the students to learn by understanding each topic and ensure that they have the knowledge about each chapter.


Using this App, Teachers will conduct Test based on the Lesson Planning which will force the students to study the text book more regularly to find out the answer which in turn help Students indirectly to Score high Marks.


Innovative MCQ , Case based Questions, Assertion & Reasoning Questions with Answer & Explanation from each Chapter for all the Subjects will give them courage to face any competitive exam.


Chapter-wise NOTES are given for each subject in the Learning App. This summarizes all the important points that covers the whole chapter. In that way, Students can use these Notes for recap or revise before the exam. It has shortened version of content from each chapter which will help even average students who are struggling to study the whole chapter and instead they can use this reduced version of content to remember key points.

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This will help to analyze Not only Student’s Performance, BUT also Teacher’s Performance based on the Student’s Performance from their class. Also, this helps private school Correspondent to analyze Individual School’s Performance if they own multiple schools


Any topic explained using multimedia will have more effect than traditional way of teaching. The reason is, animated videos will explain the concept using real world problem Or real world objects than explaining verbally or theoretically. Chapter-wise Videos are given for each subject in the Learning App. Each Chapter contains multiple videos for explaining each sub-topic inside each Chapter. This will help the students to learn by understanding the concept instead of learning by memorizing. Students can play it again and again until they get the full understanding. They can pause wherever they want and resume it back. Combination of learning through the NOTES and VIDEOS for each Chapter will help them for Self-Learning without any help from the School Teachers Or Tuition Teachers.

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