Smart Class Package

Smart Class Package

Our SMART Class package includes more than 11,500 animated videos for explaining each topic in Sub-Chapter Level. So each Chapter in every Subject will have multiple videos (one for each Sub-Chapter). Our SMART Class Package contains the following modules:

1) Topic-wise Videos explaining the Concept



4) Online Assessment

5) Learning App with Assessments by Teacher Option


SMART Class Package is available via Web PORTAL as well as in  Android APP for KG – 12th Std (For BOTH CBSE and STATE BOARD). So the SMART Class App can be installed in the Android TV with All the Encrypted Videos installed locally which will be accessible from our App based on the Class => Subject  => Chapter => Sub-Chapter. SMART Class also comes in the form of a standalone application (Windows EXE Version) which can be installed in the computer for playing videos using Projector and accessing NOTES & Quiz.

Any topic explained using multimedia will have more effect than traditional way of teaching. The reason is, animated videos will explain the concept using real world problem Or real world objects than explaining verbally or theoretically. Chapter-wise Videos are given for each subject in the SMART Class App, Web Portal and Standalone Application. Each Chapter contains multiple videos for explaining each sub-topic inside each Chapter. This will help the students to learn by understanding the concept instead of learning by memorizing. Teachers can play it again and again until the Students get the full understanding. They can pause wherever they want and resume it back. Combination of teaching through the NOTES and VIDEOS along with QUIZ for each Chapter will help the Students for better Learning.


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Chapter-wise NOTES are given for each subject in the Learning App. This summarizes all the important points that covers the whole chapter. In that way, Teachers can use these Notes for teaching important points to Students during class period. It has shortened version of content from each chapter which will help even average students who are struggling to study the whole chapter and instead they can use this reduced version of content to remember key points.


We also have Quiz module which will be used by the Teachers at the end of the period. Teachers have access to Sub-TopicWise MCQ which will be used at the end of each period to find out if the Students understand the teaching or not. This will also make the class more interactive & fun and encourage the students to listen to the class more carefully.

This will help the Students to improve the way of learning by understanding the concept instead of memorizing and improve their analytical ability and logical reasoning which will be a great help to survive and win in this competitive world.


SMART Class for Primary is designed for KG – 5th Standard kids. This has more than 2,500 Videos for English, Math, Science and EVS which explains using real life example in a simpler way to make the kids understand the concept easily.

This App contains more than 2,000 Activity Work Sheets available Digitally for applying what they have learnt in each topic. The Teachers will use this for practicing with the kids in the Class. This helps Primary Class Kids in the following area:

1) Learn to Read & Write

2) Improve Listening & Speaking Skills

3) Making Math Fun

4) Understand the world using Science & Social Studies

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